Sunday, 30 December 2012

2013 Goals

It's time to set those goals for 2013. I did contemplate running 2013 miles but not sure that is quite achievable. However, while that wouldn't be impossible, I want to go for different types of goals and maybe 2013 miles or something may arrive.

I started by looking at my major races for 2013 and after a couple of marathons in 2012 I still feel I can run one much faster. My first attempt saw Manchester return to winter, despite it being the last day in April. Nobody really expected windchill below 0 and just getting round was probably an achievement. Despite an ankle injury wrecking my summer training, I felt much more prepared for the Loch Ness Marathon at the end of September. I knew I hadn't got the miles in my body that I should have done but still felt a 4.15-4.30 finish was on the cards. Unfortunately, I slipped on a bottle going down hill at mile 15 so the last 11+ miles were rather painful. I had got to mile 15 in just over 2:30 so I was definitely on track. Anyway, for 2013 I have targeted another Manchester attempt and hopefully there will be no winter weather! A marathon at the end of April means the second week of January will start a 16 week training schedule.

Looking at other goals, I decided to focus on times and look at chasing a few PBs. Looking back, life has taken quite a turn. After the sudden death of my stepson in October 2008, I foolishly agreed to run a half marathon in his memory. I say foolishly because at the time I was heavily overweight clocking in at well over 16 stone. However, somehow I scraped round the Silverstone Half Marathon (March 2009) in just under 2hours 45 minutes. After embarking on a major health and exercise program, I have shifted about a couple of stone but can't get my half marathon time under 2 hours. I have come close with a 2:01 and a 2:02 so a sub 2 hour half marathon is out there. In achieving this I can hopefully chop some time off my 5k and 10k PBs. (Currently 24:53 and 54:27). I would be pretty happy to get down to sub 24 and sub 53.I also want to start fell running. This was a 2012 goal but only did 1 fell race so 2013 is my year to get going!

Whilst all this running is great, I feel I've not walked enough in 2012 although the weather has been fairly responsible for that. I've only 48 Wainwright Peaks left to complete a full round, so aim for those to be completed at some point during 2013. Also, I've neglected more local walks so aim to get out regularly nearer home. However, I also want to explore more of Scotland and Wales at the same time. Work does get in the way at times.

Finally, during 2013 I aim to buy a mountain bike that will allow for plenty of off road cycling. I currently have a bike that is fine for riding canal paths but once you hit rougher paths, the rest of your body certainly feels the vibrations!

So to sum up my 2013 goals:

At least one marathon (sub 4:30)
Half Marathon (sub 2:00)
10k (sub 53:00)
5k (sub 24:00)

Finish my Wainwrights.
Walk more in Scotland and Wales.
Buy (AND USE) a mountain bike!

I'm sure I'll add to these during the year but at least it's a start!


  1. Good work Simon, I look forward to your updates and some photographs...if it ever stops raining!

  2. Not sure I fancy the training for any more Marathons. Done too many and had too many knee ops. Sticking to recreational runs & maybe the odd half.
    I do need to get a few more hills in this year.
    Definitely get an MTB. I have not been without one for 30 years now. Brilliant fun. BUT don't tell Sloman, he thinks they are spawn of the Devil.

    Have a good 2013 .

  3. Good luck with your goals Simon. It surely can't rain as much in 2013 as it did this year so the walking goal should be achievable.