Saturday, 12 January 2013

Todmorden by bike

Date of Ride : Saturday 12th.January 2013

Distance : 24.02 miles
Time Taken : 3 hours  
Elevation Gain : 657 feet

When looking back at last year, I had too many spells where I was struggling with an injury of some description. Although this never went in my 2013 goals, I decided that this year I am going to try and cross train more to hopefully avoid some injuries. So after a week of getting my running going again,  decided to get the bike out and clock up a few miles.

I still haven't bought a new bike yet as I need to install more security in my shed before spending quite a few pounds on a new model. (I'm talking about a bike here!) My current bike copes well on canal paths unless you hit cobbles, hence there will be no totally off road cycling until the new one arrives.

Today's ride set off from home and I then cycled to Hollingworth Lake. This is quite a pleasant ride once you get past Newhey/Milnrow. I hate that route as lorries whip along that road at a rate and a speed. I do feel that Rochdale seems to provide more cycle lanes and it seems much safer once over the boundary.

Once at Hollingworth Lake I decided to add a loop of the lake which while it added a couple of miles to my distance, resulted in a  rather slow loop due to the amount of families taking advantage of the weather. Looking at the splits on my watch, I've run round Hollingworth Lake quicker than I cycled it this afternoon!

After leaving Hollingworth Lake, I took the main road out towards Todmorden, heading through Walsden. Despite it being a major A road, it seems so much safer than the main road out of Shaw. I vaguely remembered walking round here a few years ago when  training for The Oldham Way walk but I've never cycled out there. I was contemplating going as far as Hebden Bridge but as my ride didn't start till 1pm, I was concious that I only had about 3 hours of daylight, so decided to stop at Todmorden.

After turning round, I returned via the canal which was a pleasant and enjoyable route, before joining the main road in Milnrow and then heading home, although once again I wasn't too happy on the main road heading into Shaw.

On reflection, I was quite pleased with my afternoon out as it seems a while since I've got out on the bike.

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